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Hello! I’m Sara

Hey loves! I’m Sara Shabazz, creator of #PrettyHairBySara. I’m from Birmingham, AL where I now live and finished cosmetology school. I also have a degree in Business Management. So you can see where I was going with this.

I became interested in doing hair when I was in the ninth grade, not knowing it would be something I’d become so passionate about later on. My reason for really getting into hair was because I didn’t like the pain infliction on my head. I hated people doing my hair, and it always seemed to be too tight. Those painful, sleepless nights drew me closer and closer to my God-given talents. I would practice my styles on myself before I would do anyone’s hair, just to perfect my craft. I did hair throughout high school, and I did my appointments in my tiny room at my mom’s house.

Fast forward a couple of years.  I went to college for something totally opposite of hair, which was nursing! My education in nursing at Jacksonville State University didn’t last, and I was truly unhappy with where I was. I came home on weekends to do hair and would dread going back to school because I didn’t have many clients.

Soon I moved back home because I was expecting my first son. I delivered my 1st son, while in School for Business Management. I saw my dreams starting to become true. When I moved back to Birmingham, I had to have a plan because my mama wasn’t having it.

During my last semester at Jeff State Community College, I attended Roebuck Beauty School… Yes, it was a lot, being that I also had a young son to take care of. God gave my strength to overcome those obstacles.  I graduated from Jeff State in 2016 and finished Cosmetology school in January 2017, right before I gave birth to my second son.

This hasn’t been an easy road by a long shot, but it was well worth it. I am 24 years old, raising 2 young kings; and I’m going to continue to better myself and my brand.

I’d like to name my journey, the BLACK BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Changing, learning, growing into not only a better stylist, but a better mom, mate, daughter and friend… an overall better person!

We’re all like butterflies, starting off not knowing and awkward, but soon morphing into something beautiful and graceful. That’s how I would like your experience to feel when you become a part of my success story and experience your Black Butterfly Effect.

“Sara guided me through my natural hair journey. She made my ‘big chop’ day a rejuvenating experience! I’m enjoying my new look!”

Bridget Brown

“I love Sara! She is so caring and professional!! She makes sure you leave satisfied after each appointment you set with her. She is the only person I go to now for all of my hair needs. Thank you, Sara, for being such an amazing person! Y’all, please book with #PrettyHairBySara!”

Alicia Brundidge

“Sara is very professional and makes sure you are satisfied before leaving. It’s been a day and my scalp is not bumped up from being pulled too tightly, but is still very neat. She offered stretch breaks and was very gentle with my 4C hair. Definitely recommend!”

Maizonne Jakayla

“Sara is the most professional cosmetologist I know. She takes her time to care for hair, not just styling. She actually treats it with the best hair care products. I am very pleased with her being my hair doctor!!! Thank you, Sara! You’ve brought life back into our hair!!”

Latrena Hawthorne