Pretty Hair by Sara offers the full range of beauty services. Whether natural or relaxed, rocking short hair or swinging long hair, Sara caters to your needs. Whether you know exactly what you’re aiming for, are seeking a complete transformation, or simply have an array of inspiration photos and vague ideas, Sara can translate your vision into your best look. Book an appointment today to experience your Black Butterfly Effect!

The Basics

Healthy hair is the #1 priority. Pretty Hair by Sara takes care of your essential hair needs – shampoos and conditioning, relaxers and natural styling, trims, cuts, and color.

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Braids & Extensions

Protective styling provides growth retention, versatility, and time savings. The looks are endless: braids, twists, sew-ins, and custom wigs. Book your transformation today.

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Eyebrows & Lashes

Every black butterfly needs to have a
charismatic flutter.
Come in today for an eyebrow arch,
eyebrow tinting and lash enhancement.

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Meet the Stylist

hair and beard cutting expert

Sara Shabazz is a licensed cosmetologist in Birmingham, Alabama. She has been honing her God-given talent for doing hair for over 10 years. Her life has been an interesting journey filled with changing, learning, and growing. Sara has named her journey the Black Butterfly Effect. She welcomes you to come experience your own Black Butterfly Effect as she transforms your hair into the epitome of beauty and grace.

“I love Sara! She is so caring and professional!! She makes sure you leave satisfied after each appointment you set with her. She is the only person I go to now for all of my hair needs. Thank you, Sara, for being such an amazing person! Y’all, please book with #PrettyHairBySara!”

- Bridget Brown, Client

“Sara is very professional and makes sure you are satisfied before leaving. It’s been a day and my scalp is not bumped up from being pulled too tightly, but is still very neat. She offered stretch breaks and was very gentle with my 4C hair. Definitely recommend!”

- Alicia Brundidge, Client

“Sara is the most professional cosmetologist I know. She takes her time to care for hair, not just styling. She actually treats it with the best hair care products. I am very pleased with her being my hair doctor!!! Thank you, Sara! You’ve brought life back into our hair!!”

- Maizonne Jakayla, Client